We all visualize our dream home. Whether a flat in a high-rise or a house with garden and backyard, it all relates to the desire and personal choice of the property seeker. To make sure that customers vision is converted into reality, real estate companies have come up with some very interesting choices like villas and semi-detached houses. One such property developed in such high paced city like Singapore is Victoria Park Villa. As per the recent study in, the concept of villas and independent houses have been gaining market slowly world over.
For choosing an appropriate dwelling for your family, you should primarily know the concept of different types of houses like Villas, townhouses, and semi-detached houses. Villa is an independent house, designed as a duplex. They are comparatively expensive than other options and are appropriate for a luxurious and high-end lifestyle. Townhouses are usually constructed in a row with the structure sharing walls with multiple homes.

Semi-detached style of housing involves two houses built into pairs by sharing a common wall on one side of the house. Both the properties are considered as free holdings involving the piece of land and the structure constructed over it and are owned by different dwellers. These types of houses usually have traditional European and Victorian style of architect, with a distinctive huge block of a hollow wall which is shared between the two properties. Some of the competitive features of these semi-detached properties are:

1. Cost- Being considerably cheaper than villas, its an ideal choice for the people who intend to own a separate house with a comfort of a backyard, options for renovation, but has limited financial resources.

2. Maintenance and renovation- with relatively smaller backyard, smaller roof, the maintenance is comparatively easier. Depending upon your relations with your neighbor, the renovation cost of the roof and the common area can be shared resulting in lesser financial burden.

3. The Owner can enjoy a comfort of a separate driveway and garage of their own like detached sole standing properties and a much lower cost as compared to the luxurious option of villas.

Certainly, there are some limitations as well:

1. Disturbance and noise- As this format of architect involves one sharing of one side of the house with the neighbor, the sound usually travels from the one hand to another easily which causes the disturbance at times.

2. Since both the houses are symmetrically designed, one needs to consult the neighbourhood before going ahead with some major renovation or electronic work since it may affect their property as well and the overall appearance of the property may change.

3. The Sole responsibility of maintenance of the property- Unlike Condos where one is not bothered about maintaining the additional area like gardens and backyards which is managed by the association, in semi-detached setup, the owner is responsible for taking care of the complete property.
Based upon your budget, there are multiple options available in the property market to choose from. Since it is a crucial and long-term decision, one should consider all pros and cons of different types of dwellings before choosing that dream home for your family.