9 Feb

Affordable Houses – A Dream Come True

Affordable Houses

Don’t most of you wish you could build a home which you have dreamt of and be within your financial means? Most of you all have seen beautiful houses and wondered how much does it cost to build a house just like the house you have seen? Well, need not to worry, as there are ways in which you can build houses which you have longed for a long time and which you can afford, and sites like houzz.com guarantee it. Still, you don’t believe it. Just go through the following steps to find out how you can build your dream house without you compromising in the name of money.

· Go For A Two – Story House
Building the foundation and roofing of the house can be very expensive. By building a two storied house, floor area gets doubled and will cost you less compared to a single storied house. And a double story house will enable you to have all the privacy you want.

· Draw A Simple Plan Of The House
By keeping the plan simple, you can save lots in building cost. For example, rooms that are rectangle shaped are much easier to build and helps to save a lot of money. The roofs also should be kept simple so as to avoid overpricing. Roofs which are intricate may cause leaking in the future.

· Deciding On The Type Of Materials
The materials used for building houses can be expensive. Instead of choosing quality grade materials to choose the regular grade type as its affordable but may vary in longevity.

· Plan For Organized Plumbing
Your house should be designed in such a way that the kitchen, bathrooms and the laundry room should lie in closely with each other.
This reduces the cost of installing plumbing pipes all over the house.

· Calculate The Pricing Of The Whole House
Make a list of things to be done and the materials to be bought and find out the pricing of each material. This will help you to estimate the total cost of the house your building.

Do consider these tips before building your dream house.